FGV Courier Services specialise in business to business delivery service throughout Malaysia from Peninsular to East Malaysia. We carry tonnes of products ranging from FMCG, pharmaceutical to automotive spare parts as well as chartered lorries for mass volume products.

With our vast experience in the transportation field, we have extended our services to include mover services for offices and homes, third party logistics, door to door service and warehousing at a special rate. We are also ready to provide chartered transportation and warehousing services for your business as well.

In ensuring the safety of your products, our facilities are equipped with closed-circuit television (CCTV) security system and the service of FGV’s Auxiliary Police. Our fleet comprises of various sizes from 1 tonne to 10 tonners equipped with GPS and tail lift to safeguard the condition of your products; providing professional service for your delivery needs. We ensure your packages are collected and delivered to the right place at the right time.

Since 1987, FGV Transport Courier operates under FGV Transport Sdn Bhd as a subsidiary company, providing courier services for FGV Group and external clients. Our distribution centre is located across Malaysia and our agents are ready to assist throughout Malaysia. By understanding your issue and anticipating your business and logistics needs, our expertise provides robust solutions that will drive value for your business, we are committed to accommodate diverse needs,

Our operation system is designed with CDMS tracking that can be accessed at to monitor on your product, please feel free to contact our marketer at 012-9402266 or speak to our customer service hotline at 603-5524 3089

Reliable and resourceful, at FGV Transport Courier Services, we understand what it means to deliver.